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Never has a corporation’s purpose and reputation been more in focus than today. Ethical funds and investors are influenced by what a company does and what it stands for, but so are customers and employees. This means that a company’s reason for being is constantly questioned and evaluated. A new dimension in this context is water, or rather how and what a company contributes to providing safe water.

One in nine people worldwide lacks access to safe water today, and population growth, urbanization and changing lifestyles mean demand will only increase.

But as we report in our theme article, technology can help solve that challenge. For instance technology can be used to generate fresh water. On the scrublands of Southern Australia clean, renewable solar energy generates electricity to heat greenhouses and powers an Alfa Laval desalination unit that produces water for the plants growing there.

Even the dirtiest water can be cleaned by existing technologies – the question is just which technology to use.

We report on technologies that protect water from various contaminants, such as Framo’s technology safely removing toxic fuel oil from Second World War shipwrecks off the Norwegian coast. And don't miss the article about a new technique that increases effectiveness in data centre cooling. I promise that you will be inspired. Enjoy!

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